Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

The only personal information we intentionally collect is information that you email to us, tell us in person or over the telephone, or put onto the contact form on our website. We use this only to deal with the specific matter that you contact us about. If you then become a client of ours we will use the information to help us provide our services to you.
We will never send automated marketing communications to you. If you do become a client it is possible that someone you know at Replay might contact you to tell you of a product or service that person thinks you might be interested in, based on their relationship with you. This would only happen very rarely (probably a maximum of once every two or three years) and will never be automated. If you never want us to do this, just tell us in any manner you like.
There is one, rather technical exception – our webservers might collect the IP address that you use when visiting our website and put this into log files that monitor our servers to help us keep them secure. We will never try to use this IP address to identify you personally.
The reason we used the word “intentionally” in the first sentence is because our website, like many others, is built and run using software and tools that we haven’t made. We have taken care to ensure that no personal information is gathered by this software and would be very surprised and angry if there was!

As far as we are aware the only cookies used on this website are necessary to enable you to view the website properly.

Who are we?

This website belongs to Replay Ltd and Okarito (UK) Ltd trading as Replay New Media. The registered address of both companies is 36 Ritherdon Rd, London, SW17 8QF